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 Diablo 4 fan finds hilarious details about the gam
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Keith Stawarz

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Inviato il il 05/07/2023 :  05:37:45  Guarda il profilo di  Rispondi Citando
A Diablo 4 fan has translated the in-game text used by the Church of Light and found the word "werewolf" over and over again. If this hilarious detail is any indication, it's that the Church of Light in Diablo 4 seems to be somewhat obsessed with werewolves. Players can prepare enough Diablo IV Gold in the game.

The Church of Light is a religious organization created by the angel Inarius in Diablo 4 and is one of the main factions in the game. Throughout the asylum, players can find stylized texts from the cathedral in various places, from statues and carvings to books and flyers, which fans affectionately refer to as "Lorath Ipsum".

However, Diablo 4 fans TheoryOfN have discovered something interesting about the game's text, and shared their findings on Reddit. Diablo 4's collector's edition artbook has a key to translate the Cathedral of Light text. Using it, they were able to translate the words in Diablo 4. When they did, they found that almost all of the text in the game and in the artbook was some sort of repetition of the word "werewolf". Occasionally, the letters are mixed together in other ways, but wherever they are, werewolf is always repeated.

In some cases, Diablo 4 uses this text to express something other than werewolves. The holy book in Neversink's first Blood Petal overworld animation uses the same text, but the words are complete gibberish. On the other hand, Diablo 4's world map has some actual text on the edge of the Far East that roughly translates to "Beware of broken mountains" and "Beware of dragons here", although the text is cut off so it's hard to read. Perfect.

Diablo 4 players were very excited about this particular find. Some joked that the Cathedral of Light must be addicted to the Druid profession in Diablo 4, or that they were tired of dealing with the werewolf rampage that plagued the asylum. Others took the text as a veiled hint that one of Diablo 4's upcoming seasons would feature werewolves.

Other fans were actually disappointed with this particular design decision for Diablo 4. Since players like to look for little details like this, it was only a matter of time before they found out that the word werewolf was repeated. These players felt that Diablo 4 could have added actual lore, hints or other jokes to the text, and just repeating werewolf seemed lazy. Regardless, now that fans have a translation key, they will no doubt be looking for more non-werewolf information hidden in the game world in Diablo 4. See https://www.u4game.top/ for more details on the game guide.
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