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 Final Fantasy 16: How to Get Gil Fast
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Keith Stawarz

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Gil is the main currency used in all Final Fantasy games. With it, players can usually purchase a variety of unique items to help each game's protagonist in his or her adventures. There are various ways to obtain Gil in Final Fantasy 16, but accumulating large sums of money requires some specific methods. Players can prepare enough Final Fantasy XVI Gil in the game.

Whenever players want to replenish Clive's supply of potions or buy new weapons, accessories or items, they need to make sure they have the Gil they need to do so. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16, but some methods are more valuable than others.

Final Fantasy 16: Jill's Farm (Early Game)
Players who pre-order Final Fantasy 16 will have access to the Kate Sith Amulet, an accessory that increases Jill Cleaver's income by 25% when equipped. Equipping this accessory from the beginning of the game will allow players to accumulate a large amount of gil while advancing the story, but those looking to gain more gil should focus on completing side quests and defeating specific enemies.

Completing side quests in Final Fantasy 16 is a very convenient way to get some gil early in the game, but players who want more gil will need to explore Rosaria and Sanbrek and defeat some of the enemies lurking there. Killing bluebirds is a great way to get gil, as they can reward Clive with valuable items. Items like Goblin Coins, Black Blood, and Gill Worms have no role in crafting; they exist only to be sold in exchange for Gill. The best way to get Gil from the Bluebirds is to travel north of Northridge, defeat the two Bluebirds spawning there, quickly return to Northridge, and repeat the process.

If players are willing to leave no stone unturned in the hopes of obtaining Gil, they can take advantage of the exploit involving the recovery item. If Clive dies in battle, his recovery items will be replenished once he respawns. Using this, players could sell all of Clive's healing agents, intentionally dying in combat to replenish them, and then sell them again for a profit. While this method is a bit time consuming, it can be used indefinitely to paint Gil.

Final Fantasy 16: Jill's Farm (mid-game)
During the "Home, Sweet Home" main quest, players can obtain the Golden Covenant, an accessory that increases Clive's Gil intake by 35%. Equipping this accessory, along with the Kate Sith Charm, will increase Jill Clive's income by 60%. In order to obtain the Golden Covenant, Clive must interact with Cajun in his store located in the Crypt and purchase it for 5,000 Gil.

Clive will also earn gil by finding and defeating the Notorious Mark. The rewards earned for defeating the infamous marker will be listed under the description of the marker on the hunting board, making it easy for players to see what offers the most Gil. If players are not satisfied with the amount of gil they have earned by hunting Notorious Markers and completing side quests, they can continue to grow bluebirds and sell valuable items.

Final Fantasy 16: Gil Farm (Late Game)
Upon reaching the Kingdom of Varod, players may accumulate a large amount of Gil, but there is nothing to stop them from earning more. Again, completing side quests and hunting are great ways to increase the size of Clive's pockets, but those who wish to see a more substantial increase should look for one's treasure items.

The map leading to the item can be found in the northwest area of the southern gate of the Kingdom of Valoyd. Once it is obtained, players can travel to the Titan's Wake area in Dalmecia and enter the central southeast branch to find the chest containing it. One's treasure can be sold for 100,000 Gil.

A good way to brush up on Gil later in the game is to visit the Kingdom of Varod and defeat the hyenas lurking there. Hyenas often drop goblin coins; they can be found by walking east from the Crowway City Obelisk to the very edge of the map.

In Final Fantasy mode, players can earn the Golden Covenant 2 accessory, which will increase the number of gil they earn by 50%. The accessory cannot be earned on the first pass, so unless players are willing to pass the story again, they will not be able to earn it. See https://www.u4game.top/ for more details on the game guide.
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