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 Feed Additive For Swine
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Mold inhibitor 500g? has good effect of anti-mold agents of feed additive for swine, ruminants (Cattle, Goats, Deer, Camel), poultry and aquaculture animals.Aflatoxins are common contaminants of oilseed crops such as cottonseed, peanut meal, and corn. Wheat, sunflower, soybean, fish meal, and nutritionally complete feeds can also be contaminated with aflatoxins. Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) is one of the most potent, naturally occurring, cancer-causing agents in animals.Anti-mould and antifungal products are used by feed millers and farmers to eliminate the existence and growth of fungus and moulds in feedsPROPIONIC ACID-- an innovative, market-leading product that effectively eliminates existing mold, prevents mold re-growth and eliminates musty odorsIncreased propionic acid capacity is a strategic investment in Mintai’s long-term growth as a China Anti Mold Agents manufacturer and Wholesale Various High Quality Anti-mold Agent Products Factory, Propionic acid and benzoic acid primarily serve as an anti-mold and anti-bacterial agent for animal feeds and grains.Mintai Mold Control offers cost-effective Mold Inhibitor 500G as antimold agent, anti-fungal and antimould agent solution.Mold Inhibitor 500GDosage TypeMold Inhibitor 500G Physicochemical Properties Light yellow or yellow powder;
Be formed by evenly absorbing the raw material of edible essential oil and organic acid on the special carrier.Main IngredientsEdible essential oil, propionic acid, benzoic acidBacteriostasis Mechanism1. Mainly act on mold cell walls, destroying mold cell walls and cell membranes, changing the permeability of cell membrane, penetrating into the cell, acidifying the cytoplasm and producing an irreversible agglutination for cytoplasm components.
2. Destroy mold system in mold cell and prevent its metabolism
3. Affect the germination of mold spore and prevent the reproduction of mildew.Key Features & Benefits 1. The products are formed into vapors by gasification; inhibit the mold growth intensely.
2. Kill the mold at early-stage, and release the mould proof for long term;
3. Not only inhibit the mildew but also improve palatability;
4. Intensely fumigate the mold and spores by gasification and permeate to every dead angle; thoroughly kill mold and mold spores.
5. Excellent liquidity, no irritation.Recommended Dosage in Complete Formula Feed Feed MoistureAir Relative HumidityRecommended Dosage(G/MT)<12.5<85%400-50012.5-13<85%500-60012.5-13>85%600-750Storage Store mold inhibitor in a well ventilated and dry place away from sunlight.Packaging25kg/bag; Plastic and paper compound bagShelf Life 12 months under sealed and required storage conditions.Notice Mold Inhibitor 500G should be used under the guidance of Mintai company.More Mold Inhibitors please refer to the followings:1. Ammonium Propionate ?by Liquid Propionic Acid(≥80%) and Ammonium Propionate (18%);2. Mold Inhibitors - 500GⅡ by Propionic Acid(≥60%);3. Mold Inhibitors- 500GⅢ-1 by Propionic Acid(≥30%) and Ammonium Propionate(≥10%);- 500GⅢ-2 by Propionic Acid(≥30%) and Ammonium Propionate(≥20%);4. Mold Inhibitors- Compound Type Ⅰ by Propionic Acid(≥9%) and Formic Acid(≥18%);- Compound Type Ⅱ by Propionic Acid(≥9%) and Formic Acid(≥22%);- Compound Type Ⅲ by Propionic Acid(≥9%) and Formic Acid(≥28%);- Propionic Acid TypeⅠ by Propionic Acid(≥15%);- Propionic Acid TypeⅡ by Propionic Acid(≥20%);- Propionic Acid Type Ⅲ by Propionic Acid(≥33%);- Propionic Acid Type Ⅳ by Propionic Acid(≥40%);- Propionic Acid Type Ⅴ by Propionic Acid(≥50%);- Propionic Acid Type Ⅵ by Propionic Acid(≥60%), Liquid Mold Inhibitor;Heavy metals were also tested to reach the health indicators: Pb≤30%; As≤10%.If you need customized mold inhibitors, please tell us, we will do research and development for you.
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