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 What are the means of learning in school.
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Two factors largely contributed to the development of the tools - the mass spread of photocopying and computer equipment and the lifting of censorship in our country for copied materials that are copied.

However, a peculiar revolution in the educational process on the edge of the century was made by https://edusharky.com/statement-of-purpose-writing-service and other technical means of education (TCO).
The definition and classification of technological equipment should be based on the consideration of learning as a process of management of cognitive activity of students. The teacher, who sets a specific didactic goal at each stage
of a student's work, can establish with a certain degree of
objectivity, to what extent the goal is achieved.
The success of assimilation depends not only on the form
and in what form educational information is presented, but also
the content and meaning of the controlling component of learning information of controlling components of learning information.

Learning information is provided based on the results
a comparison of information about learning goals with information
about the actual level of knowledge assimilation by the controlled object. The latter comes through the feedback channel, which
in training is a control channel. Thus, a closed cycle of management of cognitive activity of the student is realized. This cycle is called "big". Along with it there is a "small", or internal,
when the material is thought through by students and absorbed as a result of complex mental activity, an important element of which is self-checking, posing questions by the student with or without access to an external information source.

Knowledge assimilation does not occur if there is no closed cycle of information management, i.e. there is no feedback, and also if the cycle is broken. In this case
it is possible to speak not about assimilation of knowledge, but only about memorization of educational information.
The main disadvantage of this formalized scheme is
is that individual mental characteristics of the student and the teacher are not taken into account. These features are very difficult
to describe with the help of a system of formal parameters, as it
TCO is a set of technical devices and didactic materials used in the educational process as a means to improve the effectiveness of learning. Neither a single The technical equipment and didactic materials used in the didactic process as a means to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
The main purpose of the teaching-learning process is to provide a set of technical control devices and didactic materials used in the educational process as a means to improve the effectiveness of teaching. But
for a real increase in the effectiveness of learning, it is not so much the nature of the means used that is important, but the way they are applied.

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